When Running Was Young And So Were We collected works of a sportswriter from the golden age of American running

Jack D. Welch

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US Apr 2014 / Europe May 2014

ISBN 9781909457164, 352 Pages, 229mm x 152mm/6" x 9"


For many years Jack Welch wrote for Running magazine and Track & Field News, chronicling the extraordinary developments of running during the 1970s, 80s and 90’s.

When Running Was Young and So Were We is based on his columns from this period and is a unique book – telling the story of how running became a way of life for millions.

  • It’s a book about excellence, inspiration and greatness. Not just what it takes to cross the finish line first, but also the lessons learned along the way.
  • It’s a sports book – offering an up-close and personal look at Olympic greats, big races and long runs.
  • It’s a training book – outlining many of the techniques and strategies that make you a winner, on and off the field of competition.
  • It’s a celebration of the human spirit -examining what happens when both great athletes and keen amateurs are driven to challenge their own personal limits.

What do greats like Alberto Salazar, Joan Benoit, Dick Beardsley, Mary Decker and Steve Prefontaine all have in common? Read their stories and be inspired!

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A surprising book! Surprised to learn more about runners I competed against. Surprised to learn more about races I was in. No surprise - this is a book for runners by a runner who can really write.

Alberto Salazar

If you didn't know from whence the inspiration for the growth and popularity of running came, you will after reading, "When Running Was Young and So Were We." Stories to motivate and entertain while keeping all of us young.

Joan Benoit

Reading "When Running Was Young And So Were We" brought back not just good memories of that Golden Age of road racing, and the stunning excitement of what felt like a new sport beginning here in the USA, but also the friendship of so many of the runners highlighted here, and the great spirit of comraderie that existed then. Perhaps those days were the launchpad for the Running Boom. I still love to run, and always will, thanks in part to writers like Jack D. Welch who worked so hard to reveal all aspects of running!

Bill Rodgers, Four-time winner of NY City Marathon, four-time winner Boston Marathon

I don’t think many runners today realize America even had a Golden Age of Running. But it did. It was a time when it seemed just about everyone you knew was running 80 miles a week, and those were just the dilettantes. If you were in the low 30s for 10K, you had plenty of company, even in local races. Jack Welch was right in the middle of it all, as a darned competitive runner and an even better writer, and he brings it all back to life in this wonderfully nostalgic collection

John L. Parker, Jr., Author, ‘Once a Runner’

‘Remembering Pre’ is one of the best, most powerful pieces of writing I have ever read. Your short declarative sentences hit like hammers. You wrote as Pre ran. I can imagine no other writer who could have told his story as well. Runners everywhere probably wish you had written more. I certainly do.”

Jeff Johnson, Nike’s first employee

When U.S. distance running was younger than it is now, and smaller, it was also faster. The mid-1970s and the decade beyond was a golden age for road racers. Never before (or, alas, since) have so many Americans run so well: almost annual victories at the Boston and New York City Marathons by Bill Rodgers and then Alberto Salazar… world records for Salazar and Joan Benoit… Benoit’s Olympic gold medal. Jack Welch saw it all, and from many angles: runner, magazine publisher, shoe-company executive and writer. You couldn’t ask for a better tour guide of those golden years than the author of this book.

Joe Henderson, Former longtime editor of Runner’s World

Jack D. Welch writes like a sports reporter, a news journalist, an author, and all is written with his unparalleled quick wit. As well, he has a unique perspective as a competitive runner. Jack is the perfect author to accompany today’s runner through a retrospective visit to the Golden Age of running with his keen observations on the day’s elite runners, and their physical and mental attributes from start to finish line.

Jacqueline Hansen 1973 Boston Marathon winner, twice marathon World Record holder