The Posture Workbook Free yourself from back, neck and shoulder pain with the Alexander Technique

Carolyn Nicholls

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US Nov 2012 / Europe Nov 2012

ISBN 9781904468790, 160 Pages, 230 x 185mm/7 x 9


  • DO you suffer from back or muscle pain?
  • DOES the pain interfere with your life?
  • DID you know poor posture is at the root of the majority of these problems?

Poor posture can interfere with your mobility, breathing, circulation and digestion. It can contribute to overuse injuries to hands, arms and shoulders. It can affect your sense of wellbeing.

IS there anything you can do to help yourself?

With the help of this book the answer is a resounding – YES!

Drawing on her 30 years of experience as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, Carolyn Nicholls explains exactly how to eliminate tension throughout your body and improve your habitual patterns of movement. Carolyn identifies typical behaviours that can result in unhealthy posture and explains how they can be improved.

The Posture Workbook illustrates 5 key exercises to improve posture, awareness, flexibility and mobility. These ’5-A-Day’ exercises will teach you how to move more freely and easily and show you how to live your life free from postural pain.

Carolyn is the founder and Head of Training at the Brighton Alexander Technique College, UK and a national advisor on clinical trials on back pain. Her first book, Body, Breath and Being – a new guide to the Alexander Technique is a great critical and commercial success.

Interview with Carolyn Nicholls by Imogen Ragone on Body Intelligence website.

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This is a terrific book. It introduces the reader to the concepts and principles of the Alexander Technique in a friendly and interesting way, answering virtually all the questions of the inevitably puzzled new Alexander student. I am happy to recommend it to all of my students, and also to those who are curious and considering lessons in the technique. Thank you Carolyn Nicholls!

Ellen Bierhorst, AT Teacher

One of the UK's leading Alexander teachers, Carolyn Nicholls has just written a brilliant book on the Technique: The Posture Workbook (£14.99, D&B Publishing). If you want to learn how to apply the Alexander methods to everyday positions (such as driving and computer work), this is a good buy because it has photos showing what to do and what not to do.

Hazel Sillver, The Ecologist

The Posture Workbook presents the Alexander Technique in a fresh and engaging way and is a useful tool for people who just want to learn more about how to modify their posture - and it is also useful for Alexander teachers and their pupils.

Hilary King, AT Teacher

I recommend this book not only as a useful companion book for anyone having Alexander Technique lessons, but for anyone interested in changing their posture at the deepest level. There are many ideas for people with no Alexander Technique experience to explore, and exercises which, if approached thoughtfully, will do much to help improve your postural habits.

Imogen Ragone,

With many of us leading busy and pressured lives we often suffer with neck, back and shoulder pain, not to mention stiffness in our fingers after typing for hours. I have been a fan of the Alexander Technique for most of my adult life as I've found it's a way to help my body to continue to serve me. In her comprehensive self-help Posture Workbook Carolyn Nicholls has managed to convey in simple and understandable terms, supported by excellent graphics, how to consciously command our muscles so that we manage pain and stiffness. Carolyn makes her specially designed postural exercises in her 5-a-day plan as easy to incorporate into our daily lives as cleaning our teeth. Benefitting from the wisdom in the Posture Workbook is a must for any active person who wishes to minimise physical discomfort as a result of everyday living.

Maryon Stewart, Natural Health Expert and TV Presenter

Every singer , musician or actor will have experienced tensions or postural problems at some stage. The Alexander Technique is a successful way of training the body to cope with these strains; and this book is an indispensable 'self-help' addition to the performer's library.

Neil Jenkins, Professional Opera Singer