No Trump Contracts

David Bird

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US Jun 2003 / Europe May 2003

ISBN 9781904468004, 160 Pages, 228 x 152mm/6 x 9


No trump contracts provide the nuts and bolts of bridge card play. Without a trump suit lurking in the background, where small cards can pop up unexpectedly and ruff your winners, the play is simplified and becomes all about the correct handling of the suits. This does not imply that no trump play is easy – far from it. There are difficult decisions to be made all along the line: should you take a finesse? which is the danger hand? when is it right to hold off?

In this ground-breaking book, renowned bridge author David Bird helps you to answer these questions and to comprehend the reasoning as to why certain decisions are taken. Each independent principle is thoroughly examined and the reader is then invited to test their own understanding of the concept by answering a number of puzzles, typical of those that arise in practical play.

  • Written by a leading bridge author and journalist
  • User-friendly layout enables the reader to quickly absorb the key ideas
  • An ideal bridge book for players looking to improve their card handling

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Winner of the Book of the Year 2004

American Bridge Teachers Association