Dirty Poker The Poker Underworld Exposed

Richard Marcus

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US Mar 2007 / Europe Apr 2007

ISBN 9780955169700, 270 Pages, 235 x 156mm/6" x 9"


Do you:

  • Ever wonder if you have been cheated at poker?
  • Have any idea how much it goes on?
  • Know about collusion, sleight-of-hand, marked cards and chip dumping?

Cheating in poker is more common than people care to believe. In fact it’s rampant. Especially online and in major international tournaments including THE WORLD SERIES OF POKER in Las Vegas, not to mention regulated public cardrooms. There are many ways to cheat, some subtle, some not so subtle. Richard Marcus knows about them all.

Ten years ago poker was a minority interest. The advent of online play has changed all that – poker is now big business. Millions of players play every day, both live and online. If you are one of them you will want to ensure that the games you play in are clean. This book will tell you how cheaters operate, what methods they use and how to spot them.

Richard Marcus has spent a lifetime cheating casinos at roulette, blackjack, craps and poker. He catalogued his exploits in his remarkable book The Great Casino Heist (American Roulette in the US) which gave readers a rare glimpse into the underworld of casino cheats. He has appeared on the highly successful Challenge TV series,“The World’s Greatest Gambling Scams” in the UK and he has been profiled on the History Channel’s “Breaking Vegas” in the US. He has been featured in FHM magazine as well as Inside Edge. He is the ultimate poker cheat and has now produced the definitive study of cheating at poker.

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