Defensive Plays

Sally Brock

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US Nov 2003 / Europe Sep 2003

ISBN 9781904468097, 144 Pages, 228 x 152mm/6 x 9


Defending correctly is one of the key skills required in Bridge. However, many players, to their detriment, igonore studying this aspect of the game in preference to honing their skills at declarer play. Nevertheless, during your bridge career you will find yourself playing a defensive role twice as often as you will be declarer. Become a successful defender and your overall results will improve dramatically.

Attempting to defeat the opposing contract is usually a tricky business as you have to rely on you and your partner being on the same wavelength regarding your defensive plan. Your cunning defensive idea can easily be scuppered by an innattentive partner.

This book will help you tackle the tricky subject of defensive play. It is written by a leading bridge author and gives clear guidance of how to tackle the various awkward decisions that occur when trying to defend. The material is presented in a clear easy-to-understand format and there are numerous examples to illustrate the ideas as well as 100 test questions to enable you to gauge your appreciation of the finer points of defensive play

  • Sally Brock explains the key defensive points and provides clear examples of play
  • Clearly presented in an easy-to-digest format

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In the opinion of this reviewer, it is difficult to imagine a book which, in the current market for bridge publications, represents better value for money.

Richard Fleet, Bridge Plus Magazine