Buzan’s Book of Mental World Records

Tony Buzan , Ray Keene

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US May 2005 / Europe Jun 2005

ISBN 9781904468172, 160 Pages, 228 x 152mm/6 x 9


The motto of the Olympic Games is citius, altius, fortius: faster, higher, stronger. And yet there are physical limits to what the athletic human body can achieve.

Not so with the mind. The abilities of the human mind know no limit, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the sphere of mental world records.

In 1991 at the first World Championship for Memory Skills, the newly-crowned World Champion Dominic O’Brien accurately memorised a shuffled pack of cards in just five minutes. At the time, professional psychologists confidently announced that this was a barrier that could never be broken. However, within a decade the top memorisers, including Dominic himself, achieved results that made this pace appear snail-like. The record for a shuffled pack of cards is now less than forty seconds.

In this fascinating book noted brain expert Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping, and international chess grandmaster Ray Keene OBE take the reader on a mesmerising tour of the outstanding feats of which the brain is capable. These range through the fields of memory, cards and board games, IQ testing and mental calculation of vast numbers. What emerges is that the power of the brain is virtually without limit It is the most complex organism known to science and the amazing feats performed within these pages are within the grasp of anyone with the will to succeed.

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