Body, Breath and Being a new guide to the Alexander Technique

Carolyn Nicholls

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US Sep 2008 / Europe Sep 2008

ISBN 9781904468424, 160 Pages, 230 x 185mm/7" x 9"


Developed over a period of 100 years the Alexander Technique has helped people to successfully manage a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, stress, anxiety, ME, and asthma. The Alexander Technique is not a therapy or an exercise program. It is an in-depth study of how human reaction, co-ordination and movement play a part in everything we do. It has enhanced the performance of athletes, actors, singers and musicians.

Body, Breath and Being explores the Alexander Technique through the experiences of those who have studied it and benefited from it. These include:

  • A keen amateur sportsman who was ‘reborn’ after being resigned to a lifetime of pain.
  • A photographer who overcame a debilitating back problem that was interfering with his professional work.
  • A pregnant woman who used the technique to relieve
    indigestion and handle her changing posture.
  • A musician who managed an asthmatic problem that was affecting her playing.

Body, Breath and Being:

  • Is ideal for both beginner and expert.
  • Includes over 100 full colour photographs and diagrams.
  • Provides practical experiments in every chapter.

The book offers a new view of the way we use our bodies and the consequences not only on our health, but also our approach to life.

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...the book is WONDERFUL! I've only finished chapter one and already I feel more confident. I used to get so confused I'd feel like giving up from time to time, but I don’t feel that way anymore. Things are explained in a language that I can understand, and suddenly make sense. Your book is much more accessible to me than others I had read and I can apply the information to myself immediately.

A Music Teacher

Fantastic, great pictures, a very informative practical book. This goes on our reading list for BA and MA students.

Chris Palmer, Head of Voice and Speech at GSA School of Acting and Musical Theatre

I have had Alexander lessons throughout my career, found them invaluable and recommended them to countless other singers. Congratulations to Carolyn Nicholls, who has distilled her many years of teaching into this lucid, down to earth and entertaining book; it will work well for newcomers and devotees alike (singers and normal folk!), whether as introduction to or reminder of this marvellous technique.

Dame Emma Kirkby, Soprano

Carolyn Nicholls’ book is much more than a beginner’s introduction to the Alexander Technique. Teachers of the Technique will also find this book a useful manual for honing their communication skills and expanding their repertoire of handy hints and ideas. Carolyn’s expertise as a teacher shows through in her case studies and examples. Using personable, jargon-free language that is easy to follow, she progressively explains the concepts of the Alexander Technique and their value in our busy world. Her book is a pleasure to read.

Dr Terry Fitzgerald: Head of Training, Sydney Alexander School, Australia

We’ve all been waiting for a ‘good’ new book introducing the principles and practice of the Alexander Technique. Carolyn Nicholls has given us a ‘great’ new book on the subject. Highly recommended for beginners of all levels.

Macolm Balk: Author of 'Master the Art of Running'

The author has managed successfully to distil many years’ experience teaching and practising the Alexander Technique into this highly readable and well illustrated book. I warmly recommend this accessible volume.

Professor Basant K. Puri

It's a terrific book on the Technique; clear, intelligent and accessible.

Tom Vasiliades, The Juilliard School, New York

This book takes the Alexander Technique into the 21st Century.

Tony Buzan