250 Kakuro Puzzles

Alan Ross

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US May 2006 / Europe May 2006

ISBN 9781904468257, 220 Pages, 190 x 190mm/7.5 x 7.5


Sudoku’s Big Brother Is Here!

No doubt you have heard of Sudoku. The Japanese brainteaser has exploded across the UK creating a tidal wave of interest in number puzzles.

Now Kakuro is here. Kakuro is Sudoku’s bigger, tougher brother – also known as Kakro or Cross Sums. In its native Japan it has millions of followers.

Although its rules are simple, completing a Kakuro puzzle can be a considerable challenge. This logic puzzle uses numbers and basic arithmetic to perplex.

Kakuro puzzles can come in various sizes from a simple 6 × 6 grid through to giant 30 × 30 minbenders. The basic idea is to fill in a crossword-type grid so that each set of blank squares adds up to the total to the left or above. Only the numbers 1-9 can be used and the same number cannot be used more than once in each set.

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